Simplifying I.T. for Small Businesses and Smart Homes

No Long-Term Service Contracts.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that providing customers with outstanding service at competitive prices will build relationships that are lasting and fruitful.

Long-term service contracts and Managed Service Agreements (MSA’s) are designed to serve the financial interests of IT vendors, not customers.

Every business has unique requirements, and it’s our job to come up with solutions that meet their needs.

Security, privacy, and data integrity are critical for every business, so we make sure customers under our care have a set of comprehensive tools protecting their network and data.

Most small businesses don’t need or want constant monitoring of their system by an IT vendor – for the most part, once a network is set up properly, only periodic maintenance is required to ensure systems are running smoothly. If particular scenarios require proactive monitoring, we’ll take care of it without charging exorbitant monthly fees.

I was introduced to Aaron Schacht this year after I had some major problems with my computer. I can only say Aaron “saved my life.” He was professional, responsive, flexible and reassuring. He explains things at a level that is understandable and yet his skill level is so impressive. I trust him and can give him the highest recommendation possible. It is wonderful to work with a professional that is dependable and honest. If anyone has a “no problem” attitude it’s Aaron. He will by “my go to guy” for all my computer issues.

–Alan Yellin

Solutions to Support Your Business

Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT Support

Windows servers and desktops, mobile devices, graphics workstations, virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware), database servers, Windows 10/11, macOS, laptops, tablets, enterprise wireless. We provide on-site and remote support services in and around San Diego County.

Cloud based solutions

Cloud Solutions

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dropbox, iCloud, CrashPlan, and more! We can help you rid your business of those noisy, power-hungry servers and host much of your IT infrastructure in the cloud. There are also ways to use a “hybrid” approach. We will support or deploy whatever solution makes sense for your business.

Custom software and databases

Custom Software & Databases

Functional, efficient, and thoughtfully designed databases to maximize your productivity. We create custom solutions for the legal community, medical industry, manufacturers, and more!

web design and development

Web Design & Development

Websites that connect with your target audience and showcase your brand and services. The goal is not only a website that looks amazing but also converts prospective customers into long-term customers.  

Custom software and databases

Security & Privacy

You shouldn’t have to wonder if your home or business are actually protected from cyber attacks. We’ll work with to stop cyber threats —before they matter. 

web design and development

SMART Home Setups

Make your home a Smart Home! Google Home, Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Sonos, Logitech and more. Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: it automates the ability to manage objects around the house, such as window blinds and pet feeding, with the touch of a button (or a voice command). However, the choices are nearly limitless and are tailored to your own home and lifestyle.

I am an independent contract accountant. I started my business in 1985. I can’t remember when I was first introduced to Aaron Schacht, but it was at least 10 years ago. I can’t say enough good things about Aaron and his company. Phone calls are returned immediately and his level of professionalism is exemplary! Most of my clients also use “Aaron’s services and are extremely satisfied with his service and prompt attention to any matter they may have — from purchasing a computer to any computer issue they may have. Again — I can’t say enough good things about Aaron and his company. Try him out! He won’t disappoint!!”

–Nancy Porter

Get in Touch

We offer a complimentary initial consultation so we can review and discuss your technology needs. Even if we don’t work together, we want to point you in the right direction!

“LOVING the amazing service I get! They are always prompt and thorough with their work and I will definitely be referring my friends to them. Thank you for all of the great work you guys do!”

–Bree Miller